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After 1 Cycle of Good Pro-Hormones, My Results Were Astounding!  Yet I didn't want to risk potential harmful side-effects (sometimes long-term or permanent) from continuous use of Pro-Hormones.

By Using RnA Drops (http://www.RnAdrops.info) combined with These New Cutting-Edge HGH & Total Package Muscle Formulas, After Being OFF OF PRO HORMONES FOR OVER TWO YEARS, I Got EVEN BETTER RESULTS - Featuring 19 " Arms (grew an extra 1/2 inch beyond what pro hormones gave me) and A slimmer, SEXIER look, with Just as Much Stamina, Even Better Recovery, and ZERO SIDE EFFECTS.


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At the age of 20 I was already private-labeling my own nutrition lines.  By the age of 28 I gave up on most of this garbage.  

Here's why... This is a picture of the store I owned selling most of the 'name-brand' stuff on the market.


Since business is all about profit, the nature of the beast means that you (the customer) are paying top dollar for "less than" products.  Most of the supplements in the marketplace are filled with cheap, imported, TOXIC substances.  At best, they are toxins and only mildly effective.  Countless athlete's experience damage, sometimes permanent, from utilizing "sports-enhancement" products every year.  It doesn't have to be this way any longer.

I Came With A Mission... To Change The Game.  Mission Accomplished.

Fast forward to 2012...

At last, years of being exposed to everything has finally come to fruition.  Finally I discovered a brilliant doctor who can utilize the most prolific array of "micro" level catalysts to achieve a desired result.  


Virtually gaining the same results as pro hormones or injection HGH - yet without side effects or huge money outlays.  This was the goal I had in mind.  To create a line of products I'd feel safe  enough to use consistently myself.  A delivery system that could not tolerate "side effects" or compromise world-class quality - in other words, no synthetic compounds that cause an adverse reaction in the body.  The catch is, these products have to be able to PERFORM with the "big boys" (pro hormones, HGH) as a top-notch contender.  After reviewing the product myself, I'd say it's the best kept secret in "sports enhancement" today.  Nobody offers these benefits without the common risks associated.  That's why we call it "Magic!"

It's your liver, kidneys and libido... as for me, this line has my name on it.  Never again will you have to resort to doing damage to your body for incredible results.  This line is for you.  Are you ready to be your very best, to break through to your highest potential?  Ready for virtually the same results as hard-core 'grey-area' compounds and black market 'taboos' - now flipped around where you can boast of results being truly natural?  It's all in the science...

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Our HGH Xtreme formula packs a serious punch.  Some users have stated that results virtually rival injection-based HGH at a mere fraction of the pricing.  

Couple the HGH Xtreme formula with the Total Package Muscle Formula and you have the best of both worlds.  It's like an anabolic super combo that provides your body with "micro" level catalysts of 1-andro, and a vast array of minerals, precursors to testosterone and supreme HGH.  

The Combo Kit of Hurtado Magic HGH + Total Package Muscle Formula is the World's Premier Anti-Aging, Sexual Enhancement, Super Anabolic Stack!


For the females, we have the ULTIMATE BLI22 (bliss) package.  Sold separately as BLI22 and HGH Xtreme, the combo is designed to virtually maximize female hormones and provide OXYTOCIN (the love chemical) and the essence of red wine, chocolate, adaptagenic stress-suppressors and lean, sexy and toned outcomes.

She Will Discover Heaven-on-Earth is Alot Closer Than Ever Before Possible with BLI22 (Bliss)...


Results will vary and we cannot guarantee any outcome.  Yet in the same note, the science behind the products can be experienced and believed through first hand knowledge.  Experience the BLI22 line and you'll never go back to the bottom of the food-chain looking for overpriced products again.

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- Matthew David Hurtado